Spyros Manesis (right) || piano, compositions 

Arionas Gyftakis (left) || double bass, compositions 

Anastasis Gouliaris (center) || drums, compositions 

The connection, the collaboration of a group of people in order to achieve an artistic result that will arouse the nervous system of the recipient, is a balance between acceptance and initiative.

Spyros Manesis grew up in the island of Zakynthos. He loved Beethoven and The Beatles. Later he found his way to Dr. John, and the path to Brad Mehldau, Keith Jarrett and Paul Bley includes many episodes. Arionas Gyftakis grew up in Kalamata. He learned the secrets of music at an early age and when he first heard double bass playing in a jazz group, he knew that his studies in music would go in that direction. Anastasis Gouliaris grew up in Athens, in Peristeri, and among the streets of urban life the music of Tom Waits introduced him to jazz for the first time.

Three components, Spyros, Arionas and Anastasis, found themselves with the same teacher learning jazz improvisation.

A real collaboration began, exploring at first the jazz standards and the limits of their transformation for personal expression.

In 2017 they released their first album "Spiral Trio" (2017, ANKh Music Productions), played in jazz clubs, toured Greece, Spain and Portugal, and this musical experience strengthened the trust and communication between them.

The modern approach of the great "company" of Paul Bley, Keith Jarrett, Paul Motian, Bill Evans, Jack DeJohnette, Gary Peacock, Steve Lacy, etc. is what the trio has accepted over time as their musical identity and direction.

Interplay is now becoming an important element of their performance style and as the musicians mature this happens with greater clarity and focus.

They explore the spaces that their music makes and it is through these that the original compositions emerge that now form the largest part of their repertoire, which is recorded in their latest album "Broken Blue" (2022, Odradek Records). They play at major festivals in Greece and test their compositions in jazz clubs and on tour.

From 2014 to the present day the members of the trio have shared the stage, a car full of instruments on tour, the studio, the rehearsal, the nervousness before a big live gig, the insecurity after a bad gig, the different expectations, the different speeds, the different circumstances of life, the feeling of shared success after a good take in the studio ... and balance arises because someone accepted something they might disagree with and someone else took the initiative to lead when they felt confident inside.

Festival participations and notable club performances


- Athenaeum Kelari, series of concerts, Athens, Greece

- Duende Jazz Bar, Thessaloniki, Greece


- Gmlstn Jazz festival / Gothenburg, Sweden
- Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival (Collaboration with Symphonic Orchestra of Municipality of Athens) / Athens, Greece 


Tour in Spain and Portugal

- Hot Club de Portugal, Lisbon, Portugal

- Sala Clamores, Madrid, Spain

- Rubicon Jazz Bar, Santander, Spain

- Clarence Jazz Club, Malaga, Spain

- Jimmy Glass Jazz Bar, Valencia, Spain


- Half Note Jazz Club, Athens, Greece
- Cultural Center Linto, Larissa, Greece
- “The spring of the Keys” Festival, Kalamata, Greece
- Aegina International Music Festival, Island of Aegina, Greece
- Naxos Festival – Bazaios Tower, Isalnd of Naxos, Greece


- ”Jazz Chronicles” Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center,
Athens, Greece

Tour in Spain and Portugal

- Lux, Granada, Spain

- Espacio Turina, Sevilla, Spain
- Clarence Jazz Club, Malaga, Spain

- Rubicon Jazz Bar, Santander, Spain

- Jimmy Glass Jazz Bar,, Valencia, Spain

- Hot Club de Portugal, Lisbon, Portugal


Series of online concerts at the Half Note Jazz Club, Athens, Greece.


- Half Note Jazz Club (collaboration with saxophonist Dimitris Tsakas), Athens, Greece, 

- Routes in Marpissa Festival, Island of Paros, Greece

- Syros Jazz Festival, Island of Syros, Greece.

- Spiral Trio "Broken Blue" CD Presentation at Half Note Jazz Club, Athens, Greece

- Spiral Trio Tribute to Nino Rota at B & E Goulandris Foundation | Athens, Greece

Tour in Spain and Portugal

- Antiguo Instituto, Gijon, Spain

- Altxerri Jazz Bar, San Sebastian, Spain

- Hot Club de Portugal, Lisbon, Portugal (2 nights)


- Half Note Jazz Club, Athens, Greece,

-Zig Zag Jazz Clug, Berlin, Germany

-International Athens Jazz Festival, Athens, Greece

Tour in Spain 

-Bilbaina Jazz Club, Bilbao, Spain

-Meidinerz Jazz Club, Gijon, Spain

-Assejazz, Sevilla, Spain

-Granada Jazz Festival, Granada, Spain

-Vlatos Jazz Festival, Crete, Greece

-Papagos Music Festival, Athens, Greece

-Aegina International Music Festival, Aegina, Greece

-Jazz in the Park, Athens, Greece

-Jazz in Progress Festival, Heraklion, Crete, Greece


-BlackBox Jazz Music Festival, Athens, Greece

-Half Note Jazz Club, Athens, Greece


Spyros Manesis
Jazz pianist Spyros Manesis is born in Athens, Greece, on 1978.
His studies include degrees on classical and jazz piano at Athenaeum Conservatory (Athens, Greece, with M. Aivazova, G. Kontrafouris, S. Syrros) and Bachelor and a Master's degree on jazz piano from prestigious Conservatory of Amsterdam (K. Boehlee, H. Vroomans, K. Goessens, R. v. Bavel and H. Fraanje) and a Musicology degree from the University of Athens.
On 2008 he made his first album as a co-leader with project TRIOISM (ANKh JAZZ). On 2011 he released “Undelivered” (JACC Records) with almost exclusively original compositions and arrangements for piano trio with Joao Hasselberg on double bass and Kaspars Kurdeko on drums. He has recorded his own arrangements for solo piano of songs of Lena Platonos’s which was his subject on his master research and was presented with huge success on 2012 at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation. He has been a member of Chronos Project along with Dimitra Galani, Christos Rafalides, Thomas Konstantinou and Petros Klampanis. On 2016 he released “First Takes” (Unit Records), a duo album with original compositions by him and saxophonist Christine Corvisier. On 2017 he released "Spiral Trio" (with Arionas Gyftakis and Anastasis Gouliaris) and on 2018 he released "Well excuse me" with his project TFATFY (Minas Liakos, Stelios Provis and Serafeim Gianakopoulos)
Among his collaborations are very important names of the greek and international music scene, such as Dean Bowman, Olivier Gatto, Gilad Hekselman, JD Walter, Marc Abrams, Bodek Janke, Max Pollak, Heather Cornell, Jaques Morelenbaum, Paula Morelenbaum, Joana Espadinha, Pablo Reyes, Christine Corvisier, Dimitra Galani, Savina Yannatou, Christos Rafalides, Dimos Dimitriadis, Petros Klampanis, Andreas Polyzogopoulos, Arionas Gyftakis, Anastasis Gouliaris and many more, and has performed in many countries including Cyprus, Greece, Holland, France, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Latvia, Lithuania, United States, Colombia and China. He has also collaborated with Orquestra do Norte (Portugal), Greek Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Municipal Symphony Orchestras of Athens and Thessaloniki.
On 2015 he was awarded with the 1st prize in the 1st Greek jazz competition for jazz ensembles, “Apollon”, with his project Spiral Trio (Spyros Manesis, Arionas Gyftakis, Anastasis Gouliaris)
Spyros Manesis teaches regularly jazz piano at Jazzart music school, has taught jazz piano at Athenaeum Conservatory, has served as guest teacher at Ionian University (2010-11) and has organized and guided a four-day jazz piano workshop commissioned by Greek National Opera (2018).

Arionas Gyftakis
Arionas Gyftakis was born in Kalamata, Greece, on 1995.
He started playing the classical violin at the age of seven. At the age of 15 his interest in jazz led him to upright bass. He studied several stylistic concepts of jazz and jazz harmony with Sylvios Syros and he also studied the classical bass with Takis Kapogiannis for two years. On 2012 at the age of seventeen he auditioned for Berklee College Of Music from where he got the Presidential Scholarship. There he had lessons with Hal Crook and Eddie Gomez.
He has played with: George Kontrafouris, Spyros Manesis, Davis Whitfield, Andreas Polyzogopoulos, Anastasis Gouliaris, Vasilis Podaras, Takis Paterelis, George Tsiropoulos, Daniel Rotem and many more.

Anastasis Gouliaris
Born in Athens, Greece he started his musical education at the age of 15 with the drummer Antonis Garinis and later on with Nikos Sidirokastritis. He continued with educator and sax player Sylvios Syrros at the Athenaeum Conservatory, where he took his diploma in drums and jazz improvisation. He took lessons with Billy Hart, Mark Guiliana and Adam Nussbaum. He is a graduate from the Athens University of Economics.
He started his musical carrier with the jazz- ethnic group Avaton performing in Greece (Athens International Festival 2002, Just Dance Festival 2004 , as well as many music halls and jazz clubs) and Europe (2002 Balkan Square Festival in Fyrom and Serbia , 2004 Jazz progetto Festival in Cremona- Italy, 2005 Aquila- Italy) . In 2004 he participated at the recording of the bands’ 4th album called “x- Avaton” published by the independent record label “LYRA”.
In 2005 he forms with dancers and choreographers Ioannis Mandafounis and Katerina Skiada the Lemurius Dance Company. Together they create and perform three plays of contemporary dance:
“Shadows projection” 2005 Kalamata International Dance Festival, Balkan Dance Platform the same year, 2006 International dance festival of Prague.
“Human Dimensions” 2006 - 4th Athens International Dance Festival.
«Super production” 2010 Kinitiras performing center, 2011 Athens International Festival.
In 2012 together with pianist Spyros Manesis and double bass player Arionas Gyftakis they form the Spiral Trio and they start performing in Greece and touring in Europe. In 2015 Spiral Trio was awarded with the First Prize at "Apollon Jazz Competition Greece" in the 1st Greek jazz competition. In 2017 they record their first album by ANKh Music Productions.
He has collaborated with many musicians of the Jazz scene and he has performed in various jazz clubs and music halls in Greece and Europe.
He is an active educator in Jazz drumming and improvisation teaching in music schools, private lessons and clinics.